Evergreens Features

Contemporary Features and Finishes

Advanced Features

  1. Highly efficient Energy Star compliant heating system (over 94% efficient).
  2. Energy Star compliant night setback thermostat.
  3. Energy Star compliant windows with Low E glass, argon filled glazing and Warm edge spacers.
  4. High volume ultra quiet exhaust fan installed to eliminate stale air and humidity.
  5. All exterior floor to wall joints wrapped with air barrier sheeting.
  6. Total minimum insulation value of R-24 in walls above grade, R-50 in ceilings and R20 in basement walls.
  7. All areas built above garages are insulated and heated from underneath.
  8. Entire house interior above grade wrapped in a super 6 ml vapor barrier.
  9. Water saver toilets (1.6 gallons per flush) installed in each bathroom.
  10. Water saver shower heads and vanity faucets in each bathroom.
  11. Energy efficient light bulbs installed in most light fixtures.
  12. Insulated metal garage door.
  1. Telephone wiring, Category 3, will be rough-in 4 locations.
  2. Wide Band Data transmission wiring, Category 5, will be used in 2 locations.
  3. TV/video cable, RG6, will be roughed-in 4 locations.
  4. Security wiring Rough-in.
  5. Central vacuum piping installed from all finished areas to basement.
  1. Rough-in security wiring.
  2. Smoke detectors installed on all floors including basement and connected directly to electrical panel (no batteries required). All smoke detectors are inter-connected (should one trip, they all will sound).
  3. Carbon Monoxide detector installed on bedroom levels and connected directly to the electrical panel (no batteries required).
  4. Arc fault interrupter circuits installed in all bedrooms.
  5. Hot water tank has electronic ignition and power vent to outside, reducing the risk of accidental carbon monoxide poisoning.
  6. All electrical outlets installed on outside of house or in bathrooms or within 5’ of kitchen sink are on ground fault protected (GFI) to eliminate the risk of accidental electrocution.
  7. Exterior hose bibs equipped with backflow preventers (one in garage and one in rear of house).
  8. Deadbolt locks installed on all exterior swinging doors.
  9. Sewer back flow preventer to prevent sewage backup in the basement.
  10. Hot water tank (is a rental unit) has a mixing valve to avoid potential hot water scalding
  11. Tamper resistant electrical receptacles on all outlets accept kitchen counter area.

Interior Finishes

  1. Oak natural finish colonial railings and stair stringers to second floor as per plan. All spindles are oak 1 5/16” square top and bottom oak colonial style, with a natural finish.
  2. The “Arlington” (6 panel) interior passage doors where indicated on plan and hung in fully cased jambs.
  3. 4 1/4” Regal Colonial baseboard throughout with quarter round in all tiled areas.
  4. 2 1/2” Regal Colonial trim on all doorways, main floor archways and windows in all finished areas.
  5. Pre finished melamine shelving installed in all closets.
  6. Lifetime Satin Nickel finish on all interior door hardware.
  1. Purchaser’s choice of Maple or Oak cabinets from Builder’s samples.
  2. Extended breakfast counter as per plan.
  3. Stainless steel double compartment kitchen sink with single lever Moen faucet (faucet features high temperature limit stop for safety).
  4. Deluxe exhaust hood fan over stove area with 6” ducting venting to exterior.
  5. Heavy duty electrical receptacle for stove and dedicated electrical receptacle for refrigerator.
  6. Post formed laminate (Arborite) countertop.
  7. Dedicated heavy duty 20 amp electrical outlets at counter level for small appliances.
  8. Dishwasher space provided in kitchen cabinets with rough-in wiring and plumbing.
  9. Choice of imported ceramic tile flooring from Builder’s samples.
  1. Extra deep soaker tub with tile surround in ensuite as per plan.
  2. Choice of Oak or Maple vanities with post formed laminate (Arborite) countertops.
  3. White plumbing fixtures throughout.
  4. American Standard or equal china sinks.
  5. Ceramic bathroom accessories include towel bar, toilet tissue dispenser and soap dish in bathtub.
  6. Full width vanity plate mirrors in all bathrooms.
  7. Single lever faucets with mechanical pop-up drains throughout.
  8. Pressure balance temperature control valves in all showers.
  9. Ground fault interrupter (GFI) electrical protection in all bathrooms and powder room.
  10. Exhaust fan vented to the outside in all bathrooms and powder room.
  11. All toilets fitted with separate water shut-offs.
  1. Interior walls to be painted with premium quality latex paints. Purchaser’s choice of two colors from builder’s samples.
  2. All ceilings stippled in white, except kitchen, laundry and bath areas.
  3. All wood trim to be painted designer white.
  1. Choice of quality imported ceramic tile standard throughout vestibule, kitchen, dinette, powder room, all bathrooms and laundry room. Purchaser to choose from builder’s samples.
  2. All ceramic tiles are installed over a wire mish and cement base and a thin-set modified mortor.
  3. 35 oz. Broadloom with ½” chip foam under pad, on balance of first floor, second floor, stairs and all landings.
  4. Tongue and groove sub-flooring glued down and screwed.
  1. Ceiling drywall is installed over floating metal resilient channels on all trussed ceilings for straighter ceiling finishes
  2. Entire garage to be drywalled and taped.
  3. All drywall applied with screws- using a minimum number of nails.
  4. All exterior walls insulated to min R-24.
  5. Ceiling areas at roof level insulated to R-50.
  6. Garage ceiling areas will have a dropped, insulated false ceiling with heated cavity above to create a warm floor on second level where there is rooms above.
  1. Multiple cold air returns (every room if possible) on first and second floor for better air circulation.
  2. Energy Star compliant programmable thermostat.
  3. Duct system designed to accommodate future air conditioning.
  4. There is a switch by the main floor thermostat to allow for humidity control.
  5. All bathrooms power ventilated to exterior.
  6. Kitchen fan ventilated to exterior through large 6” vent.
  1. Ground fault interrupter circuit (GFI) installed in all bathrooms and kitchen, exterior plugs (one in front and one in back).
  2. Arc fault interrupter circuits installed in all bedrooms.
  3. 100 AMP electrical service complete with circuit breakers in service area.
  4. All kitchen counter receptacles are on dedicated heavy duty 20 amp electrical circuits
  5. Copper wire distribution throughout the house to Ontario Hydro standards.
  6. Electrical outlet installed for future garage door opener.
  7. Premium energy efficient light fixture package (for all rooms except Dining room).
  8. Exterior lights on front elevation will be cast aluminum to enhance our Ancaster designs.
  9. Tamper resistant electrical receptacles on all outlets except kitchen counter area.
  1. All floor systems will exceed the Ontario Building Code requirements. This may be accomplished through reduced floor joist spans, added structural floor components or heavier steel beams.
  2. All floors will be screwed and glued to minimize squeaking and noise transfers.
  3. Exterior walls are 2 x 6 with 7/16” aspenite construction exceeding Ontario Building Code (OBC) requirements for added strength and thermal insulation performance.
  1. “Ancaster Village” architectural designs with finishes of architectural stone, genuine clay brick and architectural siding. Appropriate period details have been designed with Ancaster in mind and are designed to compliment Ancaster’s rich history. Front elevations shown in Architectural siding will be “Hardie Board” or equal.
  2. Quality Metal insulated entry doors with oversized glass panels and internal aluminum grills (if indicated on elevation) and high quality weather-stripping, entry-resistant framing on all perimeter doors. “Satin Nickel” grip set with deadbolt lock on front entrance.
  3. Pre-finished maintenance-free aluminum soffits, fascia and oversized eaves troughs.
  4. “Renaissance style” 25 year warranty self sealing asphalt shingle roof laid on 3/8” plywood sheeting.
  5. Maintenance free vinyl “Energy Star” windows on all elevations. Factory sealed Low E glass, argon filled glazing and Warm edge spacers for greater energy efficiency. All operating windows have screens.
  6. Painted hand crafted custom paneled sectional roll-up garage doors featuring “Alexander style” with Colonial pane windows as per elevation, garage doors equipped with high quality, heavy duty hardware & springs for smooth reliable operation.
  7. Two exterior water taps (1 in rear and 1 in garage).
  8. Two exterior outlets on ground fault protected circuit (GFI). (one in front and one at rear of house)
  9. Deadbolt locks on all exterior swinging doors.
  10. Metal insulated garage door to house with safety door closer.
  11. Maintenance free aluminum handrails as per grading and OBC requirements.
  12. All elevations have maintenance free vinyl siding on the second floor sides and rear unless specified otherwise.
  1. Garage floor and driveway sloped for better drainage.
  2. Re-enforced concrete floor.
  3. Electrical outlet installed for future garage door opener.
  4. Electrical outlet installed for future central vacuum system.
  5. Fully drywalled walls and ceilings
  1. Entire lot is sodded.
  2. Rear 8 x 10 precast stone patio or rear deck where grades dictate.
  3. All abutting municipal boulevards are sodded along with municipal trees planted as per their own tree planting plan.
  4. Precast walkway from driveway to front entrance.

All Interior selections will be made at the Dawn Victoria Home Décor Center located in Burlington, from Dawn Victoria’s standard samples, during a private appointment with a Dawn Victoria Design Consultant. At this time purchasers will also have the opportunity to customize their home with some the best selection of options and upgrades available.


Dawn Victoria Homes have been building new home communities for over 30 years and have been supplying the market with high quality value added products the entire time. We are backed by Tarion (formerly known as Ontario New Home Warranty Program). As well as our own commitment to customer satisfaction and product quality Tarion will guarantee the following:

One Year (backed by Dawn Victoria Homes & Tarion)

  • The home is guaranteed to be free from defects in work and materials;
  • The home is fit to live in, and;
  • The home meets Ontario Building Code requirements

Two Years (backed by Dawn Victoria Homes & Tarion)

The home is free from:

  • Water penetration through the basement or foundation walls;
  • Defects in materials or work (including windows, doors and caulking) that result in water penetration into the building envelope;
  • Defects in materials and work in the electrical, plumbing and heating delivery and distribution systems;
  • Defects in materials and work which result in detachment, displacement or deterioration of exterior cladding (such as brickwork, aluminium or vinyl siding);
  • Violations of Ontario Building Code regulations under which the Building Permit was issued, affecting health and safety, including, but not limited to, fire safety, insulation, air and vapour barriers, ventilation, heating and structural adequacy;
  • Major structural defects.

Three Years (extra to Dawn Victoria homeowners)

  • The Building envelope is free from defects preventing water penetration

Seven Year Warranty Protection (provided by Tarion)

  • The home is free from major structural defects which are defined in the Ontario New Home Warranties Plan Act as any defects in workmanship and materials that result in the failure of a load-bearing part of the home’s structure or any defects in workmanship or materials that adversely affect your use of the building as a home.

The home is subject to the conditions of the Purchase and Sale Agreement, plans, materials specifications and prices are subject to change without notice at the Vendor’s discretion. The vendor reserves the right to substitute materials and fixtures for those of equal or better quality. The Vendor reserves the right to make minor changes or modifications in the plans and specifications at its discretion. Items, fixtures and finishes in the model home may be for display purposes only and may not be included in the Purchase price. Some items in brochures may be optional and available at extra cost. House sittings are architecturally controlled and may be reversed from brochure renderings. (March 2012)